Ethical Perspectives

December 2006

Practical Pacifism, jus in bello, and citizen responsibility The case of Iraq

  • Andrew Fiala

This article discusses how ordinary citizens might apply principles of jus in bello. It reaches a sceptical conclusion about citizensí capacity to apply these principles and connects this with a practical approach to pacifism or, what might also be called, just-war pacifism.

This discussion is oriented around events in the war in Iraq including the use of cluster bombs and the commission of war crimes. It uses these events to discuss the question of jus in bello and to also address the question of responsibility. The article argues that in a democracy responsibility citizen vigilance is required to ensure adherence to principles of jus in bello.

The article critically engages recent discussions of just-war theory by Weigel, Walzer, Rawls, Elshtain, and others.

 Page : 673 - 697

To  Ethical Perspectives 4/2006