Ethical Perspectives

March 1994


  • Johan Verstraeten

With this first issue of ‘Ethical Perspectives’, we wish to introduce you to a new initiative from the Centre for Christian Ethics. This centre was founded five years ago by Rector Dillemans of the Catholic University of Leuven. From the start it had one important goal: to promote applied or practical ethics from a Christian viewpoint. It strives to accomplish this through: an interdisciplinary cooperation between ethicists and specialists from diverse sciences; coordinating interuniversity cooperation between Christian inspired centres for practical ethics; promoting the international reach of Christian ethics research carried out in the Dutch speaking regions; promoting cooperation between European centres for practical ethics to effect a better penetration of Christian inspired ethics in modern social discussions.

Given these goals, the Centre for Christian Ethics wants to use ‘Ethical Perspectives’ to create a forum for a transnational dialogue.

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