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Recent issue  21/1 (2014)
Introduction: Tendencies Towards Environmental Autocracy and Technocracy
(Stijn Neuteleers)
A Defence of (Deliberative) Democracy in the Anthropocene
(Simon Niemeyer)
Ends, Means, Beginnings. Environmental Technocracy, Ecological Deliberation or Embodied Disagreement?
(Amanda Machin)
Climate Change, Neutrality and the Harm Principle
(Augustin Fragnière)
Nature Restoration. Avoiding Technological Fixes, Dealing with Moral Conflicts
(Glenn Deliège)
Book Reviews
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Ethical Perspectives
 March - Issue : 1/2012

(Michele Loi)

 Enhancement and Equality
(Greg Bognar)

 Are New Genetic Technologies Unlucky for Luck Egalitarianism
(David Hunter)

 Germ-line Enhancements and Rough Equality
(Michele Loi)

 Incentives, Genetics and the Egalitarian Ethos
(Oliver Feeney)

 The Personal is Political. Ethics and Personalized Medicine
(Vilhjálmur Arnason)

 Genetic Testing and Insurance. The Complexity of Adverse Selection
(Maureen Durnin & e.a.)

 Reactions & Debate: Selin Gürsözlü
(reviewers )

 Book Reviews
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