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Recent issue  21/1 (2014)
Introduction: Tendencies Towards Environmental Autocracy and Technocracy
(Stijn Neuteleers)
A Defence of (Deliberative) Democracy in the Anthropocene
(Simon Niemeyer)
Ends, Means, Beginnings. Environmental Technocracy, Ecological Deliberation or Embodied Disagreement?
(Amanda Machin)
Climate Change, Neutrality and the Harm Principle
(Augustin Fragnière)
Nature Restoration. Avoiding Technological Fixes, Dealing with Moral Conflicts
(Glenn Deliège)
Book Reviews
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Information for Authors and Book Reviewers
Contributions submitted to Ethical Perspectives should be original contributions that are not under review elsewhere. Manuscripts should be submitted to ethical@oce.kuleuven.be and prepared for double blind peer review, i.e. anonymized and including an abstract, keywords and a full bibliography (in CMS).

Ethical Perspectives adheres to the Chicago Manual Style (Humanities) for its bibliographical references. Articles that are submitted to the journal must meet the CMS-style requirements. Examples of the CMS can be found in the 'Information for Authors' document that is available for download (PDF-document).

Besides articles with new research, overview articles are also welcomed, but they should be labeled as such when submitted. Book review articles will be treated as book reviews.

All copyright remains with the journal, but the author is free to deposit the paper in an institutional repository or archive it on a personal website after an embargo period of 24 months. Articles older than 24 are archived on this website, all newer articles can be purchased from the publisher.
Book Reviews, Critical Notes and Responses
Ethical Perspectives publishes book reviews of scholarly publications in its Book Review Section. For proposals for book reviews or to be added to the mailing list, please contact ethical@oce.kuleuven.be.

We also welcome critical notes and responses to articles, which we publish in our Reactions and Debate Section, together with occasional organized debates on specific topics.
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